Alt Camp

Coordinates: 41°17′N 1°15′E / 41.283°N 1.250°E / 41.283; 1.250
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Alt Camp
Country Spain
Autonomous community Catalonia
RegionCamp de Tarragona
 • Total538.2 km2 (207.8 sq mi)
 • Total44,578
 • Density83/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Largest municipalityValls

Alt Camp (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈal ˈkam]) is a comarca (county) located in the region of Camp de Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. The capital is the city of Valls.


To the north of the county lies Conca de Barberà, to the northeast lies Anoia, to the east and southeast lie Alt Penedès and Baix Penedès, to the south lies Tarragonès and to the southwest and west lies Baix Camp.[1] Alt Camp has an area of 544.69 square kilometres (210.31 sq mi) and the capital of the county is Valls.

The county is divided into two main topographical areas. The northeastern part is mountainous and is in the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range while the southwestern part is a lowland plain in the Catalan Coastal Depression.[1] The lowland plains of Alt Camp are predominantly used for agriculture.[2] In the valley of the River Gaia, cherries, vines, olives and almonds are grown, and on irrigated land, vegetables, hazelnuts and various fruit trees. The municipality of Bràfim in this valley has a small industrial area.[3] The mountain slopes are covered in maquis, an evergreen Mediterranean scrub with bushes and small trees, including many aromatic shrubs.[4] The olives and grapevines that used to grow on terraces there have been abandoned. Among the scrub there are patches of poplar, elm, white pine, Portuguese oak and holm oak. Frequent wildfires prevent the establishment of permanent forests.[2]


In 2014, 44,578 people lived in the county: 24,570 of them lived in Valls; 5,131 in Alcover; 2,344 in El Pla de Santa Maria; 1,670 in Vallmoll; 1,264 in Vila-rodona; 1,115 in Cabra del Camp and 1,083 in Puigpelat. The remaining 8,401 inhabitants lived in municipalities with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants.[5]

Municipality Population
Aiguamúrcia 909 73.0
Alcover 5,131 46.0
Alió 432 7.2
Bràfim 660 6.4
Cabra del Camp 1,115 27.0
Figuerola del Camp 345 22.7
Els Garidells 182 3.1
La Masó 288 3.6
El Milà 174 4.1
Mont-ral 165 34.7
Montferri 369 19.2
Nulles 453 10.6
El Pla de Santa Maria 2,344 35.0
El Pont d'Armentera 561 21.7
Puigpelat 1,083 9.5
Querol 550 72.3
La Riba 601 8.0
Rodonyà 513 8.5
El Rourell 394 2.3
Vallmoll 1,670 16.7
Valls 24,570 55.3
Vila-rodona 1,264 33.1
Vilabella 805 18.2
• Total: 23 44,578 538.2


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